Explain simply 

Create and publish interactive step-by-step walkthroughs from screen recordings in seconds. Snackwyze walkthroughs work great for software demos, product tours, step-by-step guides and more.


What problem are we solving?

Explaining software products and services to your customers can be extremely difficult. Depending on who you speak with; your message needs to resonate with many different personas within a single organization ; be it marketing, sales, engineering or IT to name a few. The solutions and methods that exist today to address this problem fall short on various fronts. That is why we created Snackwyze.

Snackwyze is easy

The Snackwyze browser extension records your screen, then automatically converts all clicks into step-by-step interactive walkthroughs. These walkthrough are cloud based, search engine friendly and easy to share . There is no coding involved and no prior design experience is necessary. 


Easy and fast browser recording

The Snackwyze free chrome extension records your screen including your audio and webcam


Automatic step-step walkthrough 

Snackwyze automatically generates an interactive step-step walkthrough from screen recordings in seconds


Rich annotations for that Aha! moment

Add rich annotations to individual clicks including hyperlinks, images, videos and live polls


Great story-telling with intro screen

Use simple drag and drop editor to create powerful intro screens and tell a great story 


Built in lead-generation 

Add desirable call to action screen at the end of the walkthrough and generate more qualified leads


Powerful publishing platform

Instantly publish your work on a unique landing page and share it with your audience

Snackwyze is for everyone

Maximize Middle of the Funnel conversion rates. Self-paced interactive walkthroughs work great for "Instant Call to Action buttons" as opposed to "Schedule a demo" and help generate more qualified leads.

 Before customer meetings: Give your customers a sneak peek at specific software capabilities before engaging in live product demos to improve success rates.

After customer meetings: Personalized interactive walkhtroughs serve as great " Leave behinds".

Explain complex product features simply and establish thought leadership by embedding walkthrough demos in your blogs, newsletters and other written communication.

Ditch the PPT..."Show" them the vision! Snackwyze walkthroughs work in offline mode too, they are guaranteed to perform and keep your audience engaged at large industry events and conferences.

Reduce customer frustration by creating walkthroughs that can clearly explain how things work or how to solve complicated problems using your product.

Create individualized learning content for your students including homework feedback and detailed explainations for hard to grasp concepts. Works great in a flipped classroom model!

We are here to help.



✅ High quality screen recording
✅ Record up to 15 walkthroughs (5 minutes/recording)
✅ Custom color themes
✅ Custom logo
✅ Embed walkthroughs on other websites
✅ Export walkthroughs as PDF
✅ Download video recordings

🚀 Upgrade to PLUS for unlimited recordings and walkthroughs 
✅ Unlimited walkthroughs
✅ Customize your web URL

Contact us

   If you have any questions or comments or like to know how we can help you address a specific use case, please do not hesitate to set up a meeting or drop us a line. We would love to hear from you.

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