6 easy ways to Incorporate Interactive clickthrough demos in your Customer Journey6 min read

September 21, 2021 4 min read


6 easy ways to Incorporate Interactive clickthrough demos in your Customer Journey6 min read

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Consider this first

Did you know over 60% of B2B SaaS tech buyers are millenials and over 50% of them will never ever speak to a sales rep before their purchase. Over 87% of them prefer a self-service experience before they make any purchase. And believe it or not, demos and websites are still the TOP 2 sources of information for making a purchase.

Considering all these facts, the question then becomes – “what can you do better at the Top of your funnel marketing to influence your customer’s journey and earn their trust way earlier than your competitors?” Is it possible that content alone can influence buying decisions? Absolutely YES! And Product Led content can help establish a competitive advantage quickly.

I wrote more about it here.

Clickthrough demos are a great example of Product Led Content and in this article I will show six easy ways to Incorporate Interactive clickthrough demos into your Customer Journey

But first, Why an interactive clickthrough demo?

Simply put, you need to meet your prospects’ expectations. It only makes sense to educate them and help them decide for themselves if your solution is the right solution for them. It is also true we as humans learn better by doing. It is better to “show” them and help them learn as opposed to “sell” them.

Here are three easy things you need to keep in mind to help meet their expectations.

  • Educate not sell → Inspire them and pique their interest with insightful Product Led Content
  • Remove friction → Provide access to information faster without restricting access (gating)
  • Self-service → Help them realize the value through self-service product experiences without talking to sales.

How to incorporate interactive clickthrough demos in your customer journey

Not all clickthrough demos are created equal. Depending on what stage of the buying journey your prospects are, you need to create these clickthrough demos accordingly. Here is a general rule of thumb based on my experience working with many industry leading expert marketers and sales leaders. For simplicity, we can refer to this as the 1-2-3 content plan.

  • No more than 1 minute “teaser” for outbound prospecting, which references product tour web pages.
  • No more than 2 minutes solution “trailer” on product tour web page, which includes CTA for deeper demo / trial.
  • No more than 3 minutes product “tour” which is sent out upon request for deeper demo, or upon trial initiation.
Customer StageCustomer’s state of mind                Your clickthrough demo  goalWhat should you optimize for?
Unaware (prospects)They are about to get  a first impression of you from more that a couple of communication channels ( omni-channel world)Ask don’t assumeGenuine outreachBe more empatheticEstablish trust earlyConsistent messaging across all communication channelsTime to value → make sure they “get it” right away. Think about their “Aha moments”
Engaged (Informally) Somewhat familiar with your product, although unclear about your competitive advantagesContextualized messagingEmphasis on business outcomes over featuresFeatures as solutions to their problemsPersonalized and contextual reachout. Think demo automation
They are convinced You  are in the final three. Empower your championHelp them visualize their “life after purchase”It’s time to show off a bit!Stakeholder buy-in
Customers (new)Can they deliver on the promise?Ensure “success”Empower them to have a say in the product roadmapLoyalty through continued education, training and support

6 easy ways to Incorporate Interactive clickthrough demos in your Customer Journey

Here are 6 easy ways to Incorporate Interactive clickthrough demos into your Customer Journey and weave a compelling narrative for them to see the value of your solution and how it can help them solve their pressing business challenges.


Website are still your #1 source of education and inspiration for your prospects and customers alike . As we discussed earlier, Over 87% of your prospects ( SaaS Tech Buyers) prefer a self-service experience before they make any purchase. An instant interactive Product tour is a great way to solve that challenge. “ Another way to look at it is this – It’s very well known that the bounce rate for “Request a demo” button is over 80%. Every prospect knows there is a form behind the button. That’s friction – between the time it takes to fill out the form and the time it takes to schedule a meeting, the prospect is not even sure what to expect at the end of it. It is funny that the sellers spend a ton of money to get prospects on to the website only to add more friction. Why not engage with a digital demo, gain some insight and then take action?

Help pages:

In this day and age of instant gratification, customers prefer self-service experiences to solve problems before picking up the phone to schedule a support appointment. The existing help pages are a great step forward in this Check out “ How to use Snackwyze’ section on our website to see what I mean.

Software documentation:

“I love documentation” said no one ever. That is because the manual ways of documentation are highly unproductive. WIth Snackwyze, you can ditch the copy-paste with automatically generated step-by-step guides


Research shows that prescriptive blogs tend to be more successful than generic ones. Blogs that help the prospects not only educate on the overall business problem but also prescribe how “YOUR” solution can be a solution to “THEIR” problems tend to be more successful. This could also be your competitive advantage. Embedding “step by step how to” clickthrough demos

Customer case studies:

The way we publish customer case studies has not changed for more than a decade. What has changed is the attention span of your reader. Usually a published customer case study has no more than three key takeaways. By embedding an interactive clickthrough demo inside your case study, you can now show your prospects how to achieve the results a particular customer achieved by using your product.

Social media:

I cannot emphasize enough on how important it is to provide actionable nuggets of information to your prospects on social media. “Bite sized clickthrough demos” are an excellent choice to pique your prospects interest while browsing social media feeds and educate and inspire them right there on the social media platform.

Next Steps

If you have made it this far, why not create a free account on Snackwyze.com and try it out for yourself. If you need additional information, we are always eager to help. Thank you so much for reading.

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