The most underrated competitive advantage for SaaS growth – Product Led Content (with example)6 min read

December 15, 2020 4 min read


The most underrated competitive advantage for SaaS growth – Product Led Content (with example)6 min read

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The consumerization of SaaS means, more and more customers expect increasingly better experiences from the products they use every day. End users now influence more buying decisions than ever before. The mindset has now shifted to “What is in it for me and how does this make my life better”? This is the era of Product Led growth (PLG).

The journey of converting individuals to customers must therefore rely on educating, empowering and inspiring them to experience the products and solution as a self-service model to quickly realize the AHA moments! In the classic definition of PLG*, the product itself is the primary driver of customer acquisition, conversion and expansion.

Adopting a Product Led Growth approach may be easier for some companies than others. That does not mean all companies cannot adopt a PLG approach to educate and inspire customers to win their trust and grow. Product led Content is the key element of the Product Led Growth strategy and highly instrumental during the customer acquisiton and customer retention phase.

What is Product Led content and why do we need it?

Let us start with a very simple example.

The following copy is taken from the websites of two large enterprise software companies. 

No alt text provided for this image
  1. Does any of the content provide differentiation? 
  2. Why should one consider any one competitor over the other?
  3. Does the content inspire prospects to take any action? 
  4. Are your prospects better equipped to make a decision and reach out to the sales teams for in-depth product demo?
  5. Does this content offer any glimpse of the product under consideration?

Not really. And this is a huge wasted opportunity.

A product led content can change this.

A product led content is a story that resonates with your prospects to help them reach their Aha moments faster. It is a piece of content where the product is woven into the story to educate and inspire your prospects to take action.

When done right, the product led content will help in three ways:

  1. Help your prospects perceive your product as a solution: These days, companies find themselves in an increasingly competitive landscape.  The competitive differentiation is quickly diminishing. It is therefore imperative to maximize every single  interaction with your prospects to highlight key competitive differentiation and why they should consider you over your competitors. Quickly positioning your product as a solution in their minds can help you qualify more leads and pass them on as Sales Qualified Leads early on at the top of your marketing funnel.
  2. Help you differentiate from your competitors quickly and position you as an SME and trusted advisor: Customers do not like to be sold to. These days, the 1:1 sales engagement comes much later in the customer journey. By providing frictionless product experiences highly tailored to specific personas and use cases will help prospects see the value in your product early on and establish a huge competitive advantage.
  3. Open up possibilities for further conversations with your sales teams and eventually improve your demo to win rates: When prospects see the value in your product quickly, they are more inclined to reach out and engage in more targeted discussions. Product led content will enable your prospects to be better prepared for a meeting and be more engaged if you decide to provide a more immersive demo of your product.


Product Led content can live anywhere the customers seek information from you digitally. It could be your website, social media posts, marketing collateral, customer support portals, sales hubs and more.

Here is a great example of Product Led Content by Marc DiGiorgio on the Tekstack Blog. 

Link to the blog here:

No alt text provided for this image
  1. The headline/title describes what the reader can expect from the blog.
  2. The benefit-driven subtitle zooms into a specific business problem.
  3. The text describes the pain point and provides a possible solution.
  4. The walkthrough (click the image below to view) brings the above mentioned points together and shows how Tekstack solves the problem simply.
Snackwyze Interactive walkthrough example

Having read the blog and experienced the walkthrough, the reader is more likely to perceive Tekstack as a likely solution to their problem. It is not just a piece of content that talks about a problem, rather acknowledges the problem and shows how to solve it with Tekstack. 

Interactive walkthroughs for Product Led Growth.

The interactive walkthrough from the example above is an excellent example of Product Led content. It helps Marc weave a story around the product that resonates with the prospect. The reader can quickly experience the value and decide in that moment if they want to take any further action. For Marc, this helps in generating much higher quality enagement. It helps the prospects position Tekstack as a potential solution in their mind. The customer journey becomes an educational journey and changes the prospect’s mindset from “ is this right for me” to “Ah! I get it…what are my next steps?”.

Call to Action

The next time you plan on producing content for your SaaS products and solutions, I encourage your to ask the following questions:

  1. Does the content position my product as a potential solution? 
  2. Does the copy provide competitive differentiation?
  3. Does it inspire the reader to take any action? 
  4. Is the prospect better equipped to make a decision and reach out to sales for in-depth product demo?
  5. Can I distribute this content easily across various marketing channels?

Nobody understands the value proposition of your products and solutions better than you. If you are a content creator, it is your responsibility to share that with your prospects early on. A Product Led content strategy will surely help you educate and inspire your prospects and convert them into engaged leads. A product led content strategy will offer you a serious competitive advantage and help your SaaS business soar.

How can I help you?

Are you creating any content that can benefit from a Product led strategy. I would love to speak with you, understand your use case and help create such content with Snackwyze.

With Snackwyze, you can can create personalized, interactive walkthroughs automatically from screen recordings in seconds. Why not give it a try ? It is absolutely free to get started.

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