Tips for Product Marketing managers from Peter Cohan (part 1)1 min read

April 22, 2021 < 1 min read


Tips for Product Marketing managers from Peter Cohan (part 1)1 min read

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One of my favorite aspects of launching Snackwyze is the many conversations with customers and industry experts.

Last week I had the privilege of meeting Peter Cohan.

Peter needs no introduction! He is THE authority on creating and delivering effective software demos. Hi famous book- Great Demo! is a mandatory reading for many new sales hires and one of the best books for Solution Consultants, Sales Engineers and Product marketers.

We discussed how Product Marketers and Pre-sales engineers can work together to build trust with the prospects early in the sales funnel & help close deals faster.

Here are a few tips for the Product Marketing Managers ( from the video above)

“Product Marketing managers have two customers. The obvious ones are the ones who actually buy the software. But the first customer is your sales. Your job as a marketer is to make your offering easy to buy and more importantly easy to sell.”

“Far too many product marketing managers rely on surveys and secondhand information. But it is much more fruitful to get out there and make those one-on-one connections with your customers. That’s where in many cases you’ll get the why.”

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