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Simplify blended and remote learning, one step at a time

With Snackwyze interactive walkthroughs , teachers can break down complex concepts into bite sized learning modules for faster understanding and longer retention

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When a video is not enough

Often times, teachers need to break down complex concepts into simpler steps. A video does not always work best in such cases. 

Easy to use

A simple chrome extension records your screen, then automatically converts every click into step by step interactive walkthrough. You can share it to your google classroom or any other Learning Management System.

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Snackwyze platform agnostic

Personalized learning made simple

You can easily record your webcam and your voice to make learning more personalized. The Snackwyze chrome extension is lightning fast which saves you a lot of time and lets you focus on things that matter most.

Snackwyze helps teachers  improve learning outcomes with interactive bite sized learning

Easy to create

The Snackwyze chrome extension records your screen and automatically converts the recording in to interactive, step by step walkthroughs

Highly Effective

The intuitive Snackwyze design editor lets you customize walkthroughs in seconds. You can add annotations, images, videos, hyperlinks and so much more 


Snackwyze is FREE To get started. For most use cases, teachers can continue to use Snackwyze for FREE. As parents ourselves, this is our way of saying THANK YOU for all your do!

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