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First Impressions matter

We live in a world of instant gratification. If your customers do not “get it” in a matter of few seconds when they visit your website or product pages, they move on. Worst yet, to your competitors.  

Create "AHA moments" quickly!

Show, don't tell! Interactive product tours communicate the value of your product much faster than traditional long form content. 

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Snackwyze new CTA

A new kind of CTA

Scheduling demo meetings can be challenging. You need a new kind of CTA. One that is easy to understand and easy to share. With interactive product tours, your prospects can have frictionless "first screen" experience and are more likely to reach out for in-person conversation.

Snackwyze helps product marketers
own "AHA moments"


The Snackwyze chrome extension records your screen and automatically converts them in to step by step interactive product tours

On brand

The intuitive Snackwyze design editor lets you customize product tours in seconds. You can add annotations, images, videos, hyperlinks and so much more 


Marketers have always been dependent on 3rd party agencies to design product experiences. Snackwyze completely eliminates these barriers and saves you time and money

Search engine friendly

Snackwyze product tours are lightweight HTML packages  guaranteed to improve your SEO and improve searchability

Great for social media marketing

You can easily embed Snackwyze product tours into any social media communications and improve user engagement instantly

Improved marketing ROI

You can quickly gauge overall customer engagement and make informed decisions on better marketing investments

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